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The new generation of PTI

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ProTechnologies, technical inspection operator

ProTechnologies, a French company created in 1993, has been helping thousands of inspection stations and inspectors with its services and technological innovation. It is supporting a new generation of PTI that demands products that are fast, intuitive, simple, competitive and qualitative, and provides instant services and tips so that the activity of a station never gets disrupted.

ProTechnologies keeps innovating and knows that digital already plays a key role in the consumer journey to purchase and will keep gaining importance in the next ten years. And that is why the new generation of PTI chooses ProTechnologies.

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Our clients

Our clients are owners of technical inspection stations for light vehicles and HGVs, all working under an independent licence versus stations that are affiliated to a broader PTI network who work under that network’s specific certification.

Your performance

In a sector as competitive as technical inspection, the performance of your station is crucial to maintain profitability in the years to come. Your performance will significantly boost your profitability and competitiveness.

Periodic Technical Inspection

The periodic technical inspection of light vehicles as well as heavy goods vehicles, or HGVs, is operated by inspection stations that can be either organized in networks or work independently. In order to be allowed to provide regulatory technical inspections, all stations must have received a prefectoral certification.

Our products

Competitive and reliable softwares, services to help you in the daily management of your activity, a full range of equipments tailor made for technical inspection stations.